You might already know that Broome TV are the leading local firm when it comes to the installation of any satellite dish or antenna, home theatre system or other electronics. You might not know that not only do we offer services in the home or commercial environment, we also offer car audio installation and maintenance services.
We are ALPINE CAR AUDIO authorised dealers, & cater for all high quality car audio/entertainment accessories & installations!
With a full workshop set up for Car Audio, we are excited to be able to offer clients the ability to discuss the wants and needs regarding their Car Audio System and deliver the service for them.
Our highly skilled technicians will come up with a system to suit you and can provide the components for you. We will then install and tune the system in.

Don’t accept stock car audio – get our team to create your dream system

We all love our music, especially while driving around. Unfortunately, not all car stereos are created equal, and there are very few manufacturers who include car audio systems which live up to the standards we hold for our home sound system, or even our headphones. In the past, replacing your car stereo was much simpler and often a job done at home with your mates. But evolving car designs and the increasingly complicated onboard electronics have condemned that sort of amateur experimentation to the past.
Don’t worry about it though, as the expert technicians of Broome TV have you covered. We will work with your goals and the constraints of your vehicle to create the most incredible car audio systems possible, from thumpingly loud bass to delicate high-definition surround sound. We can even upgrade your existing factory system for cars where the audio is integrated too closely to easily replace, using specialist techniques and hardware to extract a quality sound from your original system.

Contact us and have your car audio overhauled today!

Don’t wait on that great, sweet sound you want. Call the offices of Broome TV on (08) 9192 8656 to book in your car for an audio replacement or upgrade, and discuss our related services. Broome TV are happy to serve our local area for any sort of antenna or electronics installation work – remember the name next time you’re setting up a new TV!