Broome TV Will Install Your Caravan TV Antenna Right, First Time

Caravanning is one of the great Australian pastimes, and a wonderful experience to share as a family, a couple, or just with the nature around you. Modern mobile homes can be incredibly luxurious, offering a great sense of home as you roll around the vast expanse of the Kimberley. Now, with help from the expert team of qualified technicians at Broome TV, you can add yet another familiar comfort of home, with our technicians ready to sell and help install an impressive range of portable satellite dishes and automatic caravan TV antennae.
Broome TV & Audio Solutions is proud to supply our Travelling Visitors with not only exceptional service but also high-quality, long lasting equipment. We sell portable satellite kits that are set up perfectly to travel around the whole of Australia with. We don’t just sell the kit to you, we also provide full training and assistance in installation if required, we are also service agents for most Autosatellite systems including Coast RV & Intellisat.

High performance portable satellite dishes to pick up signals anywhere in the Kimberley

Ordinary caravan TV antennae just won’t cut it in north-western Australia – in addition to the usual fumbling annoyance of having to manually re-tune it, the North/West Area can be something of a blind spot for satellite signals. There is also a significant risk that the delicate equipment could suffer damage on the sometimes rough and potholed WA roads, since the necessary position of a caravan TV antenna is a precarious one.
Enter these automated portable satellite dishes; manufactured by famous names such as Oyster, Sphere & Autosat2s,from top-quality parts, they not only track the satellite signals quickly and automatically, they also collapse down during drive to prevent as much wear as possible. The construction is rigid steel, built to absorb the shocks of the road, and is easily serviced by any authorised service agent – which for many manufacturers includes the team at Broome TV! We can install these devices, provide maintenance and system software updates, or even train you on their proper use before you set out on your next comfortable adventure.